Customized Solutions

PACCAR Financial offer customized solutions to meet our customer's business needs. Click on the links in the left hand navigation bar to learn more about the products available in the United States and Canada.
Compare Loan & Leases
Traditional financing and leasing have their own advantages, but finding the right option for you depends upon your specific situation.

Special Offers
PACCAR Financial provides several creative finance programs and promotions to help meet your business needs.

With PACCAR Financial lease products, you can grow your fleet with reduced ownership risk and increased flexibility by taking advantage of minimal up-front cash requirements, lower monthly payments, and off-balance sheet tax advantages.

PACCAR Financial offers customized loan programs, tailored specifically to meet your needs, making cash available and putting you in a position to benefit when opportunities arise.

Finance vs Cash
Buying a truck with cash - rather than securing financing - sounds smart, but determining if that is the best solution for you is not quite as simple. 
Finance Quote
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