Variable/Floating Rate
Variable/Floating Rate

When you choose to finance your truck, you maintain a cash cushion that allows you to remain flexible and better prepared to cope with unforeseen circumstances. Fuel prices, competition, economic factors and labor costs, are just some of the issues facing the trucking industry on a daily basis.

At PACCAR Financial we want our customers to feel that all their business needs are addressed and we do that by offering a wide array of financing options.

We also understand that flexibility is an extremely critical aspect of commercial truck financing and you may need to take into account changing economic cycles. PACCAR Financial’s variable/floating rate loan may be the financial product that meets your needs. Indexed to CDOR or commercial paper, the variable rate loan is designed to enhance your cash flow. It features constant monthly loan payments for the duration of the loan, meaning you pay off the loan faster if rates go down. If interest rates go up, a balloon payment may be required at the end of the loan.

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