PACCAR Financial Corp. Launches Redesigned Website for Pre-owned Trucks
PFC Used Truck Website
The new website features enhanced search functionality, including make, model, truck components and miles
PACCAR Financial Becomes First OEM Captive Finance Company to Offer E-Signing
PFC Used Truck Website
Our fastest contract processing method significantly shortens the time from application to truck delivery – and it’s easy to do!
PACCAR Financial Corp. Transferring the Listing of Debt Securities to Nasdaq
Red Oval $1000
Press Release
$1000 Gift Card - Peterbilt Red Oval Program
Red Oval $1000
PACCAR Financial and Peterbilt are partnering to offer a $1000 Gift Card on Red Oval Pre-owned Trucks.
PACCAR Financial Helps Bulk Transporter End High Driver Turnover with Fuel-Saving Peterbilts
Blue Flash Truck
Fuel Savings Allow Blue Flash Express to Increase Driver Pay
United Materials Relies on TRAC Leases to Acquire Productivity-Enhancing Kenworth T800s - March 2015
Better Credit
TRAC lease financing can offer companies like United Materials several advantages, including lower monthly payments compared to loans and extended payment schedules giving them additional time to make their first payments.
Used Trucks with PACCAR MX-13 Engines Drop Company's Annual Fuel Expenses by $18,000 - September 2014
Better Credit
PACCAR Financial Used Truck Center Finds Watkins Trucking Fuel-Efficient Trucks
Tidying Up Your Credit History - 10 Tips for a Better Credit Rating - July 2014
Better Credit
News of tighter capacity and greater freight demand is good news for truck operators, said Karen Pembroke, Director of Credit for PACCAR Financial, which is the captive finance company for Kenworth and Peterbilt. Still, owner-operators are proceeding slowly and cautiously, Pembroke said, not only because economic conditions can change rapidly, but also because increasing federal regulations are making the business more challenging.
Kenworth and PACCAR Financial Have Teamed Up to Offer a Rebate on Fuel-Efficient T680 Advantage Program - May 2014
Advantage Aero
The Kenworth T680 Advantage is Kenworth’s new, most fuel-efficient truck. For a limited time when you finance your new T680 with MX power and order the T680 Advantage features you are eligible for a combo rebate of $3,100.
Peterbilt and PACCAR Financial Have Teamed Up to Offer You a Truly BRIGHT Option! - March 2014
Bright Options
The future looks “BRIGHT” with the new 579 Bright Options Package available from Peterbilt and PACCAR Financial. The Bright Options Package offers a $1,200 rebate on a Chrome Steel Bumper, Aero Mirror Housings, and an Aero Sunvisor. This bonus is available now on the Peterbilt 579 Trucks equipped with a PACCAR MX engine and financed with PACCAR Financial.
Ever-Changing Economic Conditions Requires Fleets to Look at Financing Options - Aug 2013
Ever-Changing Economic Conditions
Now may be time to replace those older trucks with newer models and comfortable interiors to attract and retain qualified drivers, new engine technologies to gain greater operating efficiencies and fuel-saving components to improve fuel efficiency.
PACCAR Financial Provides Standard Energy Services Expert Financing That Goes Beyond the Standard - Aug 2013
PACCAR Financial Provides Standard Energy Services
If there’s one thing Pieter Bergstein said he’s learned over the years, it’s the importance of working with vendors, like PACCAR Financial, who understand his business.
FMV Leasing Through PACCAR Financial Helps Oregon Flatbed Hauler Grow - July 2013
Central Oregon Truck Company
At a time when many other flatbed carriers closed their doors, Redmond, OR based Central Oregon Truck Company grew and expanded during the recent recession.
87 Year-Old Ag Products Hauler Finds PACCAR Financial Meets its Complex Financing Needs - June 2013
"PACCAR Financial understands the cyclical nature of our business, the industry and the trucks we choose."-Karen Wuellner, Vice President Antonini Enterprises
10 Steps to Make Your Next Truck Loan Application Easier and Less Stressful - June 2013
Tidying up Your Company’s Credit
It may seem like the only companies that can get credit to buy new or used trucks are those that don’t need it, particularly in a recovering economy. However, by taking proactive steps, such as gathering financial statements, dusting off the company business plan or completing one, and improving or maintaining your company’s safety fitness ratings, there’s little reason why companies shouldn’t be able to get a loan.
Aggregate Hauler Finds PACCAR Financial Offers More than Competitive Rates - May 2013
Extended Warranty Provides $3,200 Worth of Added Security
Extended Warranty Provides $3,200 Worth of Added Security.
PACCAR Financial Offers Trans-System Inc. Consistent Financing Options - May 2013
Consistent Financing Options
Consistency in truck financing options is important and a lender who has expertise in the trucking industry is even better.
Tax Bill Extends Bonus Depreciation Through 2013 - February 2013
Bonus Depreciation
Truck fleets and operators can once again take advantage of the Bonus Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), or "bonus depreciation," in 2013.
Buying Used Trucks - Five Tips for Choosing Your Next Used Truck - August 2012
Buying Used
What's more important in determining a used truck's value - mileage or model year? Is the Fair Market Value Lease right for my business? What specs on a new truck will return the highest value on the used market? And other important questions.
Make The Most Of New Opportunities - February 2012
Make The Most Of New Opportunities
When opportunity knocks, welcome it with open arms and expand your fleet to handle new business.
What's New In 2012? - February 2012
What's New?
What’s happening in the trucking industry? What special promotions is PACCAR Financial offering? When is the next used truck auction? Find the answers to these questions and more on Facebook.
The Extra Mile - February 2012
The Extra Mile
Running a successful trucking business takes tremendous flexibility. Sometimes, it means going out of your way to help a good customer.
Finance Q & A - February 2012
Finance Q & A
What's more important in determining a used truck's value - mileage or model year? Is the Fair Market Value Lease right for my business? What specs on a new truck will return the highest value on the used market? And other important questions.
PACCAR Financial Opens Used Truck Center in Salt Lake City - July 18, 2011
Used Truck Center
More than 28,000 used Kenworths and Peterbilts have been sold by PFC since 2000. PACCAR Financial Used Truck Centers offer an excellent selection of premium used trucks and can finance qualified owner-operators and fleets at each location.
PACCAR Financial 50th Anniversary - April 26, 2011
PACCAR Financial 50th Anniversary
PACCAR Financial has come full circle over the past 50 years. Originally established to be a finance source to help customers purchase Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks PACCAR Financial has grown and matured playing an integral role with dealers in their flooring and expansion, plus adding continued support to their customers with innovative finance plans and creative approaches to customer needs during the up as well as down cycles of our industry.
Heavy Hauler Finds PFC Lightens the Load of Financing - Spring 2011
Naegeli Transportation
As a second-generation family operation, celebrating 56 in business in the Houston area, Naegeli Transportation Inc., knows a thing or two about loyalty. Many of its 90 employees have been with the company for 30 years. That loyalty has blood lines as more than 20 immediate and extended family members – fathers, sons and cousins – work for the company. “Our diversity in services, combined with our superior workforce, has allowed our company to weather the sometimes stormy conditions within the greater Houston construction environment,” said Sonny Naegeli, son of the founders (Boyd and Betty Naegeli) and president of the company.
Halvor Lines: Family Owned; Family Successful - April 18, 2011
Jon Vinje knows all about partnerships and loyalty. He learned it from his dad, Bill, who started Halvor Lines in 1968 with four of his friends – all of whom were owner-operators at the time. "We have some relationships with local banks which are necessary for our business,” added Vinje. “But for our tractors, we pride ourselves on our equipment, and we need a good financial partner for equipment acquisition. PACCAR Financial provides the financial resources to make us successful."
Tri-Hi Transportation Grows from the Farm to the Interstates - April 15, 2011
Tri-Hi Transport
It’s something young and old have heard through the centuries. "If life gives you lemons, turn it into lemonade." Back in 1976, that’s exactly what the Loekmoen family did. With dairy prices depressed and profits hard to come by, the family made the hard decision to sell their cows and leave the dairy business. As they transitioned from being dairy farmers, a severe drought hit their state, leaving the local farmers having to buy expensive feed in the fall.
Select 1 Prospers Thanks to Exceptional Customer Service - April 13, 2011
Select 1
Every day you’ll find a smile on a driver behind the wheel of a Select 1 transporter. Not only because he pilots a Kenworth T660, one of the most driver friendly trucks in the industry, but because he’s also delivering a payload of cars, test vehicles, and vintage autos that makes customers giddy when the door of the trailer is lifted.
Financing Growth in Tough Times- Fall 2010
Financing Growth
The recession may officially be over, but credit can still be scarce. That’s one reason customers appreciate PACCAR Financial’s commitment to providing financing in every economic climate – along with competitive terms and outstanding service.
A New Perspective On Financing Decisions - Fall 2010
New Perspective
How you finance new trucks is always an important decision. In today’s market, that decision calls for a broader perspective. Your usual financing approach might work – or you may need to refine it to address your changing needs. Just ask Chuck LeFebvre, vice president and principal of LeFebvre Companies. Based in Elk River, Minnesota, this third-generation family business specializes in transporting precast concrete products such as sewer pipes, wall panels, bridge beams and other dimensional freight throughout the Midwest.
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