The Extra Mile - February 2012

Running a successful trucking business takes tremendous flexibility. Sometimes, it means going out of your way to help a good customer.

Running a successful truck financing business is much the same. Whenever possible, PACCAR Financial goes out of its way to offer flexible, creative solutions that improve a customer's business.

The Customer

K&K Enterprises, a Georgia-based trucking company with a fleet of 32 Peterbilt trucks. K&K wanted to improve fuel efficiency by upgrading 10 trucks from Peterbilt 389 daycabs with Cummins engines to Peterbilt 386 sleepers with PACCAR MX engines.

The Challenge

The trucks K&K wanted to replace had anywhere from 12 to 24 months remaining on the leases.

K&K had two choices. One, turn in the existing trucks early and possibly pay an early termination fee. Two, keep the existing fleet profile – which wasn't as efficient as K&K would have liked – until the leases ran out.

The PACCAR Financial Solution

Help K&K Enterprises acquire the right fleet for its business by:

  • Accepting the trucks before the lease ended
  • Providing a competitive financing package for the new trucks
  • Working closely with K&K to coordinate the transition from the old trucks to the new Peterbilt 386's with PACCAR MX engines

"I knew K&K Enterprises felt its fleet wasn't optimal, but they didn't think they had any good options for changing it until the leases matured," said Nathan Whitaker, Region Manager for PACCAR Financial. "I suspected that PACCAR Financial could find a good solution, so I explored some options and got in touch with K&K."

"We were very surprised and pleased that PACCAR Financial would work with us on this. They took such good care of us," said Chad Clifford, General Manager of K&K Enterprises. "First, PACCAR Financial agreed to accept our trucks without penalty before the leases ended. Second, Nathan and the PACCAR Financial team did an amazing job helping us find and buy the trucks we needed under incredibly tight deadlines."

Sammy Thaxton, owner of K&K Enterprises, is equally pleased with the result of all that work; the new Peterbilt trucks are helping K&K Enterprises improve fuel efficiency by half a mile per gallon and providing fuel savings of more than $300,000 a year.

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