• A financial institution must be added before making a one-time payment, making a payoff, or adding a recurring payment schedule.

• Only bank checking accounts can be used for Online Services payments.

• Confirm with your financial institution that you have the correct routing number for ACH electronic payments.

How do I add a financial institution?
1. Select Financial Institutions at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the Add Financial Institution button and follow the prompts.
How do I change the financial institution on a payment I have already scheduled?
1. Select Payment Activity at the top of the screen.

2. When your list of payments appears, click on the green pencil and follow the prompts.

The financial institution can be changed on any payment that has not yet been processed.
How do I change the financial institution on a recurring payment schedule?
There are typically two steps to updating a recurring payment schedule. In each step select the new Financial Institution from the dropdown menu.

1. Edit any unprocessed individual payments in Payment Activity using the green pencil.

• NOTE: If the payment is in a Processing or Paid status it can no longer be changed.

2. Edit the remaining schedule in Recurring Schedule using the green pencil.
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